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These examples are based on actual claims with specific traveler details changed to protect privacy.

Mahnaz Sh.

Last year my father joined us in Toronto. While with us, he had a heart attack and went through a serious operation in Toronto. All cost was paid with the insurance that we purchased with Mr. Rahimian.

Altitude sickness on Mount Everest would have cost Elias $10,000 without Sports & Activities Coverage

Claim Stories Sports & Activities Coverage
51-year-old Elias took a trip to Nepal to hike Mount Everest with a group of friends. While trekking, he began experiencing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea for four days.

As his symptoms persisted after the descent, Elias was airlifted from base camp to a hospital in Katmandu. Doctors diagnosed him with altitude sickness and hospitalized him for four days. Because mountaineering is a high-risk activity, Elias adding Sports & Activities Coverage to his Emergency Medical Insurance plan. The savings versus what he would have had to pay out-of-pocket were more than $10,000.

  • Hospital fees $1,712.03
  • Mountain air rescue $9,747.46
  • Provincial healthcare -$1000.00
  • Amount paid by TuGo $10,459.49

Claim Stories Emergency Medical Canadians Travelling Outside of Canada

Horse-back riding accident would’ve cost family over $191,000without travel insurance.

Destination: West Palm Beach, Florida

9-year-old Kate had an unfortunate horseback riding accident, while vacationing in Florida.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital, where doctors performed several scans; the x-rays showed a fracture on the upper portion of her right arm, which she landed on, during the fall.

Due to the fracture type, surgery was required to realign the bone, including the need for external pins. Kate was kept in hospital overnight and discharged the next day.

A follow-up appointment was scheduled, as well as several x-rays to ensure she was healing correctly.

Even one night in an American hospital is costly; luckily, Kate’s parents purchased travel insurance for the whole family, covering their daughter’s medical expenses and care.

  • Hospital fees $169,147.85
  • Doctors’ fees $23,341.69
  • Radiology $3,998.01
  • Fracture benefit $348.55
  • Provincial healthcare -$3,739.83
  • Amount paid by TuGo $191,833.14

Visitors to Canada, Destination: Vancouver, BC

88-year-old Prisha was visiting family in Vancouver; after settling in, she started seeing traces of blood in her urine for several weeks. Her family became concerned about this as it persisted, so they took her to the hospital.
After numerous tests, Prisha was diagnosed with cancer that sadly, had spread throughout her entire body. She was admitted to the hospital for two days, so doctors could monitor her condition. However, because of her advanced age, she did not undergo aggressive therapy and received
palliative care to keep her comfortable and pain-free.
Unfortunately, Prisha passed away several weeks later, and the family could cover the cost of her burial because Prisha’s Visitors to Canada Insurance took care of it.
Travel insurance helped Prisha’s family cover burial expenses, after
her unexpected death
Hospital fees $18,672.70
Burial at place of death $6,000.00
Amount paid by TuGo $24,672.70

Visitors to Canada, Destination: Thornhill, Ontario

Lingyun, 46 years old, was visiting family in Ontario. Halfway through his trip, he had a sudden onset of sharp, unrelenting abdominal pain, so his family took him to the local hospital.
After a CT scan, he learned that he had multiple gallstones, some of which were trapped—and that emergency surgery was required. He was admitted for 2 days and needed to follow-up with his doctor after discharge.
Because Lingyun was a visitor to Canada, he would not have been covered for medical emergencies during his stay.
Fortunately, his Canadian family convinced him to get travel insurance before arriving—saving him $18,000.
Gallstones could have cost Lingyun $18,000 in medical expenses without travel insurance
Hospital fees $12,007.29
Doctors’ fees $5,095.04
Follow-up visit $935.80
Amount paid by TuGo $18,038.13

Visitors to Canada, Destination: Montreal, Quebec.

69-year-old Rebecca was visiting her son, Luca, in Quebec.
About 25 days into her trip, she started feeling unwell with chills, fatigue, and a decreased appetite. She had a history of stable diabetes and noticed her blood sugar levels were low, even though she had taken her medications as prescribed.
Luca took her to the hospital, where various tests revealed she was suffering from hypoglycemia. The doctor advised that her blood sugars weren’t responding to medication since she had been eating so many different foods and adjusting to a new environment. She was prescribed other diabetes medications and had no further issues.
Had Rebecca not been insured, she would have had to pay a large amount of money out-of-pocket. However, purchasing Visitors to Canada Insurance saved her nearly $6,500 in medical expenses.
$6,500 saved thanks to travel insurance, after hypoglycemia diagnosis
Hospital fees $5,175.03
Pathology/Radiology $232.55
Physician $907.51
Prescriptions $112.70
Amount paid by TuGo $6,427.79


While studying abroad in Texas, 21-year-old Taylor developed a sharp pain in his chest. He went to a small, rural hospital, where the doctor was concerned that a heart attack may have caused the pain, despite no prior cardiac history.
Afterwards, Taylor was transferred to a larger hospital in Austin, as the first one wasn’t medically equipped to treat his
condition. After multiple tests and an angiogram, doctors discovered that he was suffering from inflammation around his heart called myocarditis instead—presumably caused by a recent cold.
He stayed in the hospital on antibiotics overnight and was discharged the next morning. Luckily, Taylor’s parents purchased TuGo’s Student Insurance before he left for his exchange program, which helped the family with Taylor’s
unforeseen medical costs.
Taylor avoided $43,000+ bill for a heart inflammation
Hospital fees $30,859.83
Doctors’ fees $7,022.49
Ambulance $6,312.60
Provincial healthcare -$673.73

Amount covered by TuGo $43,521.19

Claim Stories Student Canadian Students Studying Abroad

Destination: Austin, Texas
Jessica, 23, went to Nebraska as a student athlete to play hockey. She began experiencing mild back pain during the semester, so she saw a chiropractor to relieve her discomfort.
Several months later, Jessica was practicing with her team for a big game and collided with a teammate. After the collision, she couldn’t bear weight on her left leg. Her coach immediately called an ambulance to take her to the ER.
After several tests and scans, doctors determined Jessica had suffered a bruise on her leg and, luckily, didn’t break any bones. She was advised to rest, do gentle stretching exercises, and was given anti-inflammatory medication for the pain.
Two months after her leg injury, Jessica began to feel a tickling in her throat and worried that it might be COVID-19.
She then booked an appointment with a doctor who confirmed it was pharyngitis—a sore throat rather than COVID-19.
Fortunately, Jessica’s parents ensured she had TuGo’s Student Insurance before she left because her school’s insurance didn’t cover student athletes. She and her parents were relieved that her plan covered her medical bills and saved her from any added stress while studying.
Multiple medical events would have cost Jessica, a student-athlete,
$7,000+ without travel insurance
Claim 1
Chiropractor fees $186.47
Claim 2
Ambulance fees $2,460.43
Hospital fees $3,715.97
Doctors’ fees $1,052.11
Radiology $185.74
Provincial healthcare -$332.09
Claim 3
Physician $367.98
Laboratory $79.60
Provincial healthcare -$148.00
Amount covered by TuGo $7,568.21
Destination: Omaha, Nebraska
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