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Calculate your life insurance needs

A financial needs analysis (FNA) is an overview of your current and future financial situation. It takes into account assets, such as wealth and income, set off against liabilities, such as debt and dependents.

We recommend that you contact us to get the best life insuarance rate according based on yoru financial situation and needs.

The FNA process is strictly confidential.


Amount required to pay off the balance of the mortgage
(including penalties and legal commissions and fees)


Amount required to pay off personal debts
(including credit cards, personal loans, tuition loans , car loans, etc.)


Emergency reserve fund
(including funding for extraordinary medical expenses and a reserve for emergency and unexpected expenses)


Final expenses
(including income taxes, probate fees, lawyers’ commissions and fees, accounting fees, other administrative commissions and fees and funeral costs)


Immediate Cash Liabilities At Death


Childrens’ Education Fund

Number of Children

Cost per Year per Child


Years Needed Per Child

Total (Childrens’ Education Fund)


Funding for replacement of lost income


Percentage of income required for survivors (i.e. 90%)

Number of years over which income continuation will be required

Anticipated Interest expected on investment of funds:

Income is to be indexed (for inflation)

Total (Provision for income funding)


Total liabilities


Current Assets

Liquid Assets (Including bank accounts, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds and cash)


Face (coverage) amount of all life insurance policies in force




Additional life insurance coverage need estimate

Total Liabilities Total Assets Additional life = insurance coverage need estimate

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