Group Medical Insurance

Medical insurance form

Benefit Details:

This document highlights the various components of Manulife’s standard small business
group benefits offering and does not constitute an offer, contract or representation. The
specific details of the plan you have selected will be contained in the Group Benefits Proposal
to be provided. There are some components of the plan that may be optional. Please refer to
your proposal for confirmation.

Medical Insurance

  • Income replacement
  • Short term disability
  • Plan design options
  • Feature Options
  • Benefit percentage

■ Non-taxable: 55%, 60%, 66.7% of weekly earnings
■ Taxable: 55%, 60%, 66.7%, 70%, 75% of weekly earnings
■ EI Top-Up Benefit available
Elimination period (days accident/days sickness)
■ 0/3 ■ 0/7 ■ 14/14
Maximum (increments of $100)
■ $500 to $1,800 or current EI maximum Benefit payment period
■ 13, 15, 16, 17, or 26 weeks ■ 10 lives and more– 52 weeks
Termination age ■ 65 or 70
Other features and options
■ No evidence of insurability requirements
■ Benefit qualifies for Employment Insurance
premium reduction
■ 24-hour coverage available to select industries
■ Option to include first day hospital coverage
In a change of carrier situation, grandfathering of current insured amount is available upon request and subject to underwriting approval.