Group Medical Insurance

Medical insurance form

Benefit Details:

This document highlights the various components of Manulife’s standard small business
group benefits offering and does not constitute an offer, contract or representation. The
specific details of the plan you have selected will be contained in the Group Benefits Proposal
to be provided. There are some components of the plan that may be optional. Please refer to
your proposal for confirmation.

Medical Insurance

  • Income replacement
  • Short term disability
  • Plan design options
  • Feature Options
  • Benefit percentage

What is Long Term
Disability (LTD) benefits?
Long Term Disability insurance is part of your
Employer’s group benefits plan. If you become
unable to work for a prolonged period of time
due to an illness or injury (while you are insured),
LTD benefits provide you with monthly income
replacement. As your group insurance company,
Manulife provides you with LTD benefits according
to the terms of your group benefits contract.