Many of us buy life insurance because of many reasons. Most of all, we all have a responsibility to protect those who depend on us, make sure they would be left with a sufficient amount of money.

In other words, we want to make sure our loved one remain financially secure even after we are no more.

All throughout your life, you’ve accumulated various assets to ensure that your family enjoys the very best. But if you suddenly died, the fruits of your labour could disappear, along with the plans you had for your loved ones.

To prepare for such an eventuality, it’s important that you have a sound plan in the event of death.

Your life is constantly changing: having a family, buying a home, changing jobs, facing health issues, transferring your business, planning your retirement. That’s why we will make sure your financial strategy is in step with your reality, while growing your assets and maintaining your quality of life.

We will rely upon the comprehensive review of your situation and your goals that we undertook together to guide us through good times and bad. No matter what life has in store for you, you can always count on us. We are in your corner, always there to help you stay the course and push your limits. Together, we’ll do more.

We have a wide range of life insurance products for all your needs. So, protect those you love and plan for the future!


For most homeowners, their mortgage is the largest source of personal debt. Mortgage protection insurance is a life insurance policy designed to pay off that debt in the event of death.

Insufin can help you choose the right plan for your unique situation to ensure that your loved ones are not left with a large debt.

Because your financial security is important, don’t take a chance!

Please always look at the fine prints before agreeing to anything.

Accidental death Benefit & Dismemberment (AD&D