Travel Insurance for Travelers Visiting Canada
Coming to Canada for a visit? We will gladly help you with all your queries concerning travel insurance. It is simple for us to help you choose a good plan, depending on your needs, expectations and budget, as we are an excellent source of information and service. Regardless of whether you are visiting our great country for the first time, or if you have already been here before, we offer you the opportunity to choose from an array of travel insurance products, in order to travel in peace and stay healthy while you do.

Find the most suitable insurance for visiting Canada by comparing quotes from different companies by selecting “Get a Quote” or you can directly purchase from the companies listed below.

Emergency Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada is ideal for:
*Visitors to Canada
*Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government insurance plan
*Persons who are in Canada on a work visa
*New immigrants who are awaiting government health insurance plan coverage

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