Disability Insurance


Disability Insurance will provide assurance if you become disabled and can no longer perform at work, and earn your income as usual.
It will help you in difficult times if you are sick or hurt and not able to work. Disability insurance can replace a portion of your income when you are unable to work. It is the most difficult time to go through, to maintain a certain standard of life, to pay your bills, look after your children and all of your other financial necessities…
This is when disability insurance is most needed.

While looking for disability insurance, consider the following points:

  • Definition of total disability
  • Residual disability
  • Renew ability provisions: One of the most important aspects of a disability insurance policy is the renew ability provision, and there are two types:
    1. Guaranteed Renewable: A guaranteed renewable policy can not be canceled by the insurance company even if a change in your circumstances would put you at greater risk.
    2. Non Cancellable: There is a type of individual disability insurance available which offers an insured a guaranteed future premium

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